Stephen Janaway
VP Engineering
Bloom and Wild
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Steve is the VP of Engineering at Bloom & Wild, the largest direct-to-consumer flower brand in Europe, where he’s helping to reconnect people more thoughtfully through technology. He’s passionate about how we can use technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible, while building sustainable, happy, high performing teams. He regularly writes and presents about all things leadership and software and can be found talking about all things technology on Twitter @stephenjanaway

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So You’ve Built It, Now Support It. Doing the Gardening At Bloom & Wild
Humans make mistakes, it’s a fact of life. Despite our best intentions, and no matter how many checks we put in place, sometimes things go wrong. It’s no different with software. To move at speed then it’s inevitable that production issues will happen. Sometimes it’s your code that doesn’t work as expected, sometimes dependencies break, sometimes infrastructure breaks. Sometimes that once in a lifetime event happens. Again. Being able to effectively support systems, and doing that in a way that is simple, efficient and as low stress as possible is critical to every development team. It’s often the thing that’s forgotten as companies and teams scale. High performing teams do it well. They build trust with their stakeholders, and minimise customer impact while delivering at pace. This talk is a story about support. It’s a real life story of how what was a chaotic situation, with unhappy customers and developers, has been turned around to something that keeps our customers happy, and is even fun to be a part of.
Key takeaways…
You'll come away from this presentation with a better understanding of: - Why it's important to effectively support what you build even if being on support is stressful at first - Inspiration on ways that you could do support, the types of tools to use and the metrics to track - How to establish closer partnering between developers and those using the systems and why that’s important - How to make being on production support something that doesn't need to be dreaded - How a role like ‘The Gardener’ can help, and allows focus on other activities such as tech debt reduction too! Hopefully you'll also learn a little about flowers and e-commerce along the way. Most importantly, these are tried and trusted techniques so you'll hopefully gain the confidence that they could work, based on hearing the stories that I’ll tell.