Richard Collings

Richard has been working in IT for over 40 years. For the last 25 years he has been working as an independent consultant with charities and government agencies on technology projects involving organisational change, helping them design and implement systems to improve efficiency and service delivery whilst the same time building evidence bases to support their campaigning and advocacy work.

He has typically worked on these projects from their inception right through to go live and active use. This has given him an rare perspective across the whole project life cycle. His focus has always been on engaging all levels of the business in the implementation process. – looking at both how the system is going to work and also at the way in which it can be used to change and improve working practices. Through this process of engagement, he has delivered a high level of user ownership of the new system and which in turn has generated high levels of enthusiasm for the new system and the new ways of working To this end, he has had a long standing interest in ways of designing and delivering software that facilitate this user engagement and so was an early adopter of Tom Gilb’s Evo techniques in the late 1980s and then more recently the ideas around xP, Scrum. and the other agile techniques.

Never keen on one particular methodology and always curious , he mixes and matches techniques from a wide variety of sources (including traditional BA techniques) to tackle the specific needs and context of each project. His current favourite thinkers include Dave Snowden, Jeff Patton, Tom Gilb, the Poppendiecks, Neils Phaeging and Frederick Laloux. Prior to starting as an independent, he worked as software engineer for Logica, started the first software development collective in 1979 and then worked for a software consultancy on projects for financial sector and media companies.