Neha Datt
Product Consultant
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Neha’s role as a product consultant, trainer and coach is focused on bringing a people-centred approach to designing business strategy, delivering products and shaping organisational culture. Her focus on people – while working within highly technical areas – is the result of over 15 years’ experience in designing and delivering intentional user experiences across a wide range of industries. A strong advocate of lean, modern agile and service design, Neha helps organisations of all sizes – from startups to enterprises – to build products and teams that make a real difference to people. Neha is a director of Mercurial Phoenix, a new venture studio and consultancy based in London, and a member of the Equal Experts network. She also finds it strange to write about herself in the 3rd person.

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When product teams don’t fully understand ‘value’
A commonly held belief is that product teams are the most important part of a company. Without them, we’ve got no product. Without a product, we have no customer. And without a customer, there’s no business. Sounds logical. But the reality is more…complex. We know customers respond to experiences and brand stories, rather than product features and interfaces. So why don’t product teams engage with the brand ethos? And why - even when we practise service design - do we ignore how customer experiences interplay with our customers’ sense of identity? In this talk we’ll explore the frontier discussions taking place in the world of customer experience and branding. We’ll debunk myths commonly held by product teams on the value they create, and elevate the importance and work of colleagues in brand, marketing and operations. Because, as it turns out, humans experience the world in a fundamentally different way to how we service them.
Key takeaways…
You'll walk away with: 1. An understanding of the equally monumental contributions made by brand, marketing and operations teams, to customer value 2. Ideas of how to work more cohesively with these teams on delivering customer value