Madita Schubert
UX Coach, Consultant and Designer
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Madita is a freelance UX Coach and Consultant that empowers UX people to identify and unfold their full UX potential. She supports them in building sustainable, user-centred products together with their teams. With a strong focus on Accessibility, she always follows her main principle to create a more equal and sustainable future – not just for digital products. For over 10 years she has worked for several agencies and product companies and strongly believes in the power of learning by mistakes.

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Stop to diss ability — the web is designed for all
Many companies provide product teams with a Product, UX, and Dev role. We also work together with Business Intelligence and SEO colleagues. But accessibility is often something no one wants to take responsibility for and add to their profession. Too complicated and too time intensive are just some of the reasons often named. But is this reflecting the reality and future of sustainable and valuable digital products? As UX designers we are responsible for the users' experience as we design their journey. But are we the ones responsible for accessibility as well? And how can we manage the many technical requirements that come with an accessible app or website? To answer all these questions we will analyse what (dis)ability means in the digital context. We look at your users' journey and how accessibility requirements affect that journey. There will also be tips on how you can include accessibility thinking in your daily work. Besides the responsibility for accessibility in your team, we will also discuss the uplifting effect of accessibility on your company’s revenue. And we will have a look at the legal requirements of this topic and why you should mark June, 28th 2025 in your calendar - even in the UK.
Key takeaways…
My talk will provide you with a new view on the topic of accessibility. You will receive tips on implementing this topic into your daily work and pushing accessibility thinking forward. No matter if you are a UX designer, product manager, developer or any other role. With my talk, I hope to take away the fear you might have to focus on accessibility and I'll give you a glimpse into the legal requirements that will come up in the near future.