Lou McDonough
Senior Product Manager
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Senior Product Manager at Britains biggest online bingo provider, tombola. Special interest and expertise in safer gambling, stakeholder relationships and having fun at work! I’m based in Sunderland, England, where I live with my 2 daughters and 3 dogs.

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Haphazard Product Management in an adolescent start-up
When a handful of people have a game changing idea which turns into a multi-million pound business in just over a decade, that can only mean one thing… chaos! And success, of course. But what does product management look like when a start-up is moving faster than a startled hamster? How do we continue to bring value to our 170,000 international daily customers when we started with 12,000? This is the story of an inexperienced and disorganised, but well-meaning, product function with a strong vision, customer-centric values and a sleeves-up approach to work. All well and good in the early days, but what happens when the start-up started up a long time ago, and is now reaching adolescence? What does product management look like with no real processes or documentation, no prioritisation of work… and the tech debt collection letters are piling up on the doormat! This session will delve into the world of online gaming and tell the story of how haphazard product management helped shape Britain’s biggest online bingo provider.
Key takeaways…
Attendees will come away from this session with: •An understanding of what product looks like with little product management •When and how to adapt the approach to product management •How to deliver value against the odds •How to have fun while doing it!