Kerrie Hughes
Service Design and CX Strategist
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Kerrie Hughes is a Service Design & CX Consultant for SPARCK/BJSS. She has been in the business of designing services, products & experiences since 2001 helping, large blue-chip organisations to take an outside-in, customer-led design approach to their products and services. Previous to joining SPARCK, Kerrie worked within Barclays point of sale business, leading the CX design of their digital transformation and partnering with high-profile brands such as Apple, Amazon, and Tesla. Her route into Service and Experience Design, from an indie-band chart-topper, through the fine arts and customer experience has made her curious and determined to explore how we might infuse the best parts of these worlds into the realms of product and service design thinking, all in an agile way.

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Once More with Feeling - The role of emotions in design
Studies show that emotions consume 80% of an individual’s life, while the other 20% is intellect (Lough, 2006). Yet when it comes to business strategy and Board conversations, it still feels uncomfortable talking about emotions. But with this statistic in mind, can we really afford to ignore emotions when designing products, services, or experiences? This talk will guide you through the what, the why, and the how of designing for emotion, sharing tools and techniques to help move conversations from dark art to serious strategy.
Key takeaways…
The audience will learn: 1. Why emotions matter and behavioural economics 2. How to map emotions 3. How to design for emotions 4. The role of memory in product design 5. Measuring emotion 6. How this fits into the agile context