Kate Leto
Product & Org Design Consultant and Coach
Kate Leto Consulting Ltd
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Kate Leto’s product management, digital transformation, and leadership development expertise spans more than 25 years. She has had a front-row seat to the evolving ways products are discovered, defined, built, and delivered and now takes her hands-on experience into organisations of all shapes and sizes as coach, and advisor; helping to create authentic, high-performing cultures, teams, and products. Her consulting experience has taken her around the world, guiding clients that range from disruptive start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Kate’s an accredited Executive Coach through the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. Her first book, Hiring Product Managers: Using Product EQ to go beyond culture and skills, is now available through Amazon and all leading digital storefronts

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Emotional Intelligence: The Missing Skills in your Product Stack
How do we achieve success in product management? For many of us success is mastering what we do; building great roadmaps, developing a knock-out strategy or hitting our OKRs. But what about how we do the work? Isn't that just as important? In this talk, we'll take a look at what Emotional Intelligence is and how meta EI skills like self awareness and conflict resolution can help us make better decisions, build stronger relationships with colleagues and customers, and become more empathetic leaders and teammates. You'll take with you some practical tools that can help you explore and build your EI through everyday practices that can give you a boost both professionally and personally.
Key takeaways…
1. The benefits of being a Product organisation with EQ - where emotional intelligence is just as essential as functional skills like roadmaps and OKRs 2. How to apply product thinking and experimentation to building self awareness through a practice of self reflection and Continuous Personal Development 3. How to understand and manage your own reactions to conflict and prepare your team for the next time conflict happens (because there's always going to be conflict!)