J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger

Consultant, coach, mentor and author, J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger helps both teams and individual programmers learn high-productivity techniques for delivering software. Teaching teams how to avoid unnecessary work, remain focused on what absolutely needs to be done, then do it quickly and effectively.

Joe helps software companies better satisfy their customers and the businesses they support. Over the years, he has learned to write valuable software, overcome many of his social deficiencies, and built a life that he loves. He has traveled the world sharing what he’s learned, hoping to help other people get what they want out of work and out of their lives.

He provides personalised consulting through AgileTutor.com, where he helps even more people start getting the advice they need with minimal investment. He lives in Atlantic Canada with his wife, Sarah, and two cats.

Specialties:Personal finance planning, strategic planning for businesses, project portfolio management, Extreme programming, Agile software development, Programmer testing, Developer testing, JUnit, Java, J2EE, Ruby/Rails, Project management, Project planning, Conflict resolution, Team building, developing coaches

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