Gary Fleming
VP, Senior Engineering Manager
JPMorgan Chase & Co
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Gary is an agile coach, software crafter, and systems thinker. His main hobby is to try and help companies to build better software in better ways. Sometimes this is by helping them with the messy human communication side of agile, sometimes its helping them reflect on their processes, and sometimes it’s through teaching better software crafting practices – usually some of each. Coaching, mentoring, teaching, and showing; whatever helps in the context. You’ll find him at various local meetups and international conferences trying to both share what he knows and learn from his peers.

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Estimates And Complexity: A Tale in 42 and a Half Minutes
This tale will last forty two and a half minutes. How confident are you that this talk will last this long? What happens if we go over, or under? Are the reasons for it varying from that time fixed by external factors or complexities? Most estimation goes badly wrong because it focusses on estimating the wrong things at the wrong times, without considering precision, complexity, and the reasons for the estimate in the first place. We're going to tell you all about what makes work predictable, and what makes it more difficult to understand. We'll help you ask the right questions in each situation so that you're as prepared as you can be. If you want to go beyond simple time-based estimation, like story points, we've got a tale to tell you that'll change how you work forever... and it's only forty two and a half minutes long.
Key takeaways…
After this session: * You will have a number of tools that will help you estimate time, complexity, value, and other valuable concepts to shape your decision making. * You will be able to understand when * You'll understand when to use useful estimation techniques at the right times.