Emily Tate
Managing Director
Mind The Product
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Emily brings more than 15 years of product management experience to her role as Managing Director for Mind the Product, which was acquired by Pendo in 2022. While she has worked across a variety of industries, she will always have a soft spot for the travel industry where she spent most of her early career building software for airlines and developing a leading consumer travel app, TripCase. Emily is passionate about the craft of product management and loves talking about new ways to make products people love.

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What does a 'good' product manager look like, anyways?
It is so easy to get caught up in the concept of "good". We look at other product managers and believe they have something we don't, leaving us doubting our own abilities. Why do we think other people are good product managers and we're not? What does "good" even mean in product? This talk aims to illustrate how "good" comes in many different forms, and help you unlock your own value to succeed in product.
Key takeaways…
1) There is no such thing as a unicorn product manager. Everyone has their own strengths or weaknesses. 2) Most product managers have a unique blend of skills across three categories: strategic, creative, and execution. 3) Understanding where you sit can help you find roles and projects where you can really shine. Bonus) For product leaders: think about the shape of your team. Do you have a well-rounded mix of strategic, creative, and execution focused product managers?