Christine Thompson
Organisational Coach
Zaizi Ltd
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Christine Thompson is an Organisational and Agile Coach who supports individuals, teams and whole organisations to become the best versions of themselves. She works within companies to build people’s capabilities, coaches teams to achieve success and coaches whole organisations to build effective collaboration and attain the positive outcomes they desire. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Certified Systems coach (ORSCC), a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) and an NLP Master Coach, Christine has a clear focus on people, coaching them to be the best they can, forming teams which are both effective and fun, and aligning organisations for productive outcomes.

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Creating a Feedback Culture in Agile Teams
Feedback is an essential ingredient in continuous improvement of ourselves, as individuals, and also of our teams. When we learn to use this regularly, positively and confidently, we open up huge possibilities for our collective growth and learning. Weaving together the principles of Radical Candor from Kim Scott, the Languages of Appreciation from Gary Chapman, and Robert Dilt’s Hierarchy of Neurological levels, this workshop takes a look at how and why to provide feedback in a safe and supportive way. We look at both constructive suggestions and positive appreciation as balanced approaches to creating an environment of growth and continuous improvement.
Key takeaways…
1. An understanding of the environment and behaviours needed for a feedback culture to exist, and specific ideas on how to create this environment 2. An awareness of the need to balance caring personally, with challenging directly, in order for feedback to be of constructive and of positive value 3. Practical guidance on how to pitch feedback at the right level, to avoid it being hurtful, and techniques to ensure it's specific enough to be useable 4. Awareness of the 5 styles that can be used to deliver feedback, to which we all respond differently 5. A set of personal actions towards building a feedback culture in our own teams