Ceri Newton-Sargunar
Agile Behavioural Coach
Mondo Media
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Ceri is an Agile coach that works with teams and other Agile professionals that are looking for better ways of working with and helping their staff and teams they work in or with.

Well-versed in Agile thinking, being and doing – Ceri works with you and your teams to focus on the ‘Individuals and interactions’ bit of the Agile manifesto. Ceri says “I help you to dig down and see what’s underneath, to focus efforts on what’s valuable and needs preserving. We do the work together, with gentle, playful curiosity.”

Ceri is a long-term attendee and speaker for Agile on the Beach, and a perfect example of our commitment to featuring new and diverse speakers at our very Cornish conference. We’re excited to see her debut as our keynote speaker for 2023.

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