Gary Fleming

Emphasis Parenthesis Ltd

Product Management (F) 2020
Product Management (F)
Thursday 10.30 - 11.15

Session type: Lecture

Why Continuous Delivery is a Product Owner’s Best Friend

Want to be the best Product Owner you can be? The best trick might surprise…

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are often seen as largely technical practices, but they’re not. They’re social practices, hiding themselves in technology. They are product practices, that have gotten a little obscured. They are management practices, to which we don’t pay enough attention.


Gary is an agile coach, software crafter, and systems thinker. His main hobby is to try and help companies to build better software in better ways. Sometimes this is by helping them with the messy human communication side of agile, sometimes it’s helping them reflect on their processes, and sometimes it’s through teaching better software crafting practices – usually some of each. Coaching, mentoring, teaching, and showing; whatever helps in the context. You’ll find him at various local meetups and international conferences trying to both share what he knows and learn from his peers.


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