Julia Hayward

Redgate Software

Software Delivery (A) 2020
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 15.15 - 16.00

Session type: Lecture

The Semantic Schema Version

Applications and their underlying databases have a fraught relationship, intimately coupled yet without guarantee of compatibility, and developers having to trust that they are evolving together in sync. Multiple applications using a single database are liable to break each other.

This session will show how semantic versioning ideas can work in the SQL world, and how they can reduce levels of risk and stress when the time comes to deploy updates.


Julia is a Lead Software Engineer at Redgate Software. After many years of development experience in the .NET and SQL Server worlds in fields as diverse as online cartography, factory scheduling and social media analytics, in 2016 she set out on a new journey leading the agile team that looks after the award-winning SQL Toolbelt and other productivity tools. That led in turn to taking on Flyway, a Java-based open-source database migrations framework. She is a passionate believer in lifelong learning, and trying to keep feet in both technical and managerial worlds is her biggest challenge yet.

When away from the keyboard, Julia can usually be found behind a backgammon or chess board; she chairs the UK Backgammon Federation and is an organiser and arbiter for the Mind Sports Olympiad.


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