Paul Goddard


Product Management (F) 2020
Product Management (F)
Thursday 11.30 - 12.15

Session type: Workshop (without computers)

Product Owners: The Primary Storytellers In Scrum Teams

For product owners who want to increase engagement in their scrum teams this session is an interactive, story-telling workshop unlike writing requirements traditionally this session aims to teach storytelling techniques and structures in a fun, and engaging way to demonstrate how the “stories” can make data more human.

I believe this is an important topic to talk about as I meet many product owners who have become user story writing factories. The aim of this workshop is to encourage product owners to tell stories instead of writing them, by experiencing telling and listening to stories in this workshop.


Paul is an agile coach with experience of working with several scrum teams and projects, and is a keen practitioner and trainer of scrum and agile delivery.

Starting as one of the first practicing ScrumMasters within BT (formerly British Telecom), he now acts as an independent coach for teams new to scrum and agile techniques. His coaching skills have been used on some of the largest agile transformation projects in the world to date, including multiple geographically dispersed teams using an offshore model. Paul’s experience with enterprise scrum was widened while acting as a ScrumMaster for Nokia where he was involved with both applying, teaching and coaching scrum.

As an independent coach and trainer, Paul has aided several other companies on their agile journeys in a variety of industries ranging from small independent holiday travel companies through to multi-national technology and consultancy providers.

His first book Improv-ing Agile Teams: Using Creativity To Unlock Creativity brings together two of his passions; coaching agile teams and improvisational theatre. The principles and practices are so closely linked, he uses them every day of his working and personal life.
Paul is also the creator of the popular agile card games “The Daily Stand Up Challenge” and “The Retrospective Lexicon”. A regular speaker at agile conferences worldwide, Paul is also a long-standing member and contributor to the agile community in the UK and Europe.


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