Graham Floyd

PA Consulting

Agile Business (L) 2020
Agile Business (L)
Thursday 15.15 - 16.00

Session type: Workshop (without computers)

Liberating the Execs – Bringing them down to the beach and helping them successfully ride the waves of organisational wide agility – Aloha!

Successfully scaling agile across large organisations is challenging and as it becomes the norm, it ultimately affects the Executive team which is seldom well equipped to work in the modern ways needed.

How do we help these often suited and booted leaders, stuck in their traditional ways? How do we get them to successfully surf with the converted agilists?

Graham describes joint experiences from 3 consultants, exploring basic ways of helping Developers, to help Execs, to help Developers. Bringing Execs ‘down to the beach’ and helping them to ‘successfully ride waves with us – Aloha’!


Graham is an avid surfer and outdoor pursuits fanatic, keen to help people bring personal enjoyment to everything they and their teams do. He has authored and presents on similarities between extreme sports and the business world to support a better understanding of increasing individual & team performance at work. He is currently focusing on helping executive teams thrive through the digital revolution using disruptive techniques. He combines this with coaching and personal support in deploying organisation-wide agility using lean startup and lean portfolio management techniques.

He loves bringing the joy of clarity and simplicity one enjoys from the natural outdoors into people’s lives so they can successfully rise to their business challenges and easily overcome any negativity they may encounter in their working lives, often within large corporate machines.

Starting from a military background, having worked across and within major high tech industries he went onto a consulting career for some of the global players as far afield as Australia. Having completed several major Agile assignments and worked closely with UK Government Digital Services, he’s now turning his attention to the more personal, emotional and team aspects of harnessing digital disruption based from the South West of England where he can often be found cycling, surfing, kiting and flying.



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