Christine Thompson

Agile Teams (B) 2020
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 14.00 - 14.45

Session type: Workshop (without computers)

Languages of Appreciation in Agile teams

Respect is one of the core values of Scrum. This can be shown in many ways, including appreciation for our team members. In this session, I will introduce the concept from Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, and consider how this applies to our working relationships.

Everyone has a primary language in which they prefer to receive appreciation, be it the words we use, acts of service from our colleagues, receiving gifts, getting quality time or experiencing physical touch, a much more difficult one to use in the workplace. We will take a look at how we identify the needs of our colleagues to feel supported and appreciated and how this can be applied to appreciation in teams.

During this interactive session, there will also be the opportunity for participants to investigate their own language of appreciation and to understand how to identify the language for the colleagues with whom they work. The outcome of the session will be a greater understanding of how individuals can ask for, and receive, support within their working environment


Christine is an Agile Coach, a Team Coach and an Individual Coach. She is committed to helping you to become the best version of yourself. She works with teams to promote an Agile mindset, and a set of behaviours resulting from that mindset, which allows them to focus on delivering value whilst being responsive to change, in an environment that is inclusive, safe and challenging to all its members. She is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach and an NLP Master Coach. Christine has a clear focus on people, coaching them to be the best they can and forming teams which are both effective and fun.


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