Mark Gray

Scrum Alliance

Agile Practices (K) 2020
Agile Practices (K)
Friday 11.30 - 12.15

Session type: Lecture

Hiding in plain sight

You have a large whiteboard in the corner of the Team area that shows the work committed for the sprint, what is being worked on and what has been completed. This usually follows the format of To Do, Doing, Done.

The question is what do you have hiding in plain sight within that Doing column?

Learn how discovering and embracing what is not shown will help your team improve its speed of delivery, overall quality, accuracy of estimates, facilitate meaningful conversations with the business, promote cross-functionality and unlock the behaviours within the team that makes them Agile.


Mark is a highly experienced Coach and Consultant who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions or tackle the difficult problems. With 30 years experience within the IT industry primarily leading, teaching and transforming organisations by bringing an Agile Mindset to all levels of an organisation. Truly believes that being Agile is far more than frameworks, its about building teams and the environment that allows them to be the best they can. Mark has developed and evolved a behaviour based approach and toolkit which has enabled Mark to help many organisations within the UK and globally to unlock the true potential that an Agile mindset brings. Mark is currently working in Dubai for Emirates Airlines leading their Agile transformation, while putting the final touches to his book ‘Achieving Agility’