Emily Rawlinson


Bonus Track (K) 2020
Bonus Track (K)
Thursday 10.30 - 12.15

Session type: Bonus

From an idea, to a prioritised backlog… the art of a backlog!

In this interactive workshop attendees will work in small groups, using a selection of different techniques, taking an idea and transforming it into small, deliverable slices. Attendees will be able to take an idea and collaborate with both stakeholders and development teams to come to an agreed programme of work.

Learning points:

How to take an idea and slice this into deliverables by using a technique called User Story Mapping
An overview of two different estimation techniques and how to apply them
To understand the value of deliverables by using the Cost of Delay Matrix
How to prioritise a backlog based on estimates and value, using a technique called Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)
How to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and development teams to agree a prioritised backlog.


Emily is an Agile Business Analyst who has been at AO.com for over four years; working within the various IT development teams and the wider business to implement change, innovation and product direction. Emily facilitates workshops throughout the business, educating departments outside of IT around task creation, estimation and backlog prioritisation; putting emphasis on collaboration, and really being at the forefront of change and adapting new Agile ways of working.


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