Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Bonus Track (K) 2020
Bonus Track (K)
Thursday 15.15 - 17.00

Session type: Bonus

EventStorming; deliberate, collaborative discovery between multiple disciplines

The way agile software teams gain knowledge about what to build is either by the product owner or business analyst serving as a proxy to domain knowledge. Domain knowledge usually ends up as second-hand news in either functional design documents or as user stories in some scrum tools like Jira. Second-hand knowledge is a problem because ‘It is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into production; it is the developer’s assumption of that knowledge that goes into production’. Because by sharing knowledge by doing the ‘telephone game’, where each time knowledge is transferred, assumptions create lies within those requirements.

Sharing knowledge is way more effective if we actively collaborate to gain new insights about the problem at hand. There are a lot of tools available to achieve it, but they have a steep learning curve, resulting in most disciplines having their own tool to model in. To solve it, we need visual collaborative modelling to learn between multiple disciplines. EventStorming is a technique that can facilitate visual collaborative modelling between the different disciplines. It is easily learned and empowers continuous knowledge sharing without the need to know a tool.

In this session, we will show you how easy it is to learn EventStorming and at the same time gain a lot of new insights about a new domain. EventStorming gives you the power to create a shared mindset and merge on your models without needing tools. You will experience how EventStorming can reduce requirements engineering from days to hours, increasing feedback, and ending up delivering the expected features.


Kenny is a strategic software delivery consultant, Socio-technical architect, facilitator, collaborate modeller, technical lead that builds quality into software delivery at Xebia. He mentors, coaches and consults management and teams by using practices, techniques and tools from domain-driven design, anthropology, deep democracy, behaviour-driven development, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.

Through Aikido training, he learned the most efficient way to work together. To get the outcome that all parties want, energy should not be blocked but should be bent and influenced. The philosophy behind this line of reasoning is not only embedded in his personal life, but also in his work life.

By using and combining tools such as EventStorming, Example Mapping, Impact Mapping, and User Story mapping, he helps to bridge the communication gap between business and IT. With these approaches, he aims to create a transparent, safe, and collaborative space with constant and instant feedback for delivering quality software.

Besides his daily work, he also helps organise several meetups for Virtual Domain-Driven Design, Domain Driven Design Nederland and EventStorming Netherlands and is a public speaker giving talks and hands-on workshops at conferences and meetups.


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