Edwin Burgers

Practical Agile (NL and Israel)

Bonus Track (K) 2020
Bonus Track (K)
Friday 14.00 - 16.00

Session type: Bonus

Dancing the BOSSA nova – how to bring a culture of experimentation into your company

In the VUCA world that we are in, companies are expected to be flexible and both rapidly responsive and resilient to change, which basically asks them to be agile. The authors of the book BOSSAnova, Jutta Eckstein and John Buck saw 4 recurring problems at the agile transformations they were involved in, where they saw that all that comes with the agile frameworks, principles and practices is not sufficient for company-wide agilty. They combine Beyond Budgetting, Open Space, Sociocracy and Agile in practical guide for creating company-wide agility, in a probe-sense-respond manner.

This workshop gives a short introduction to BOSSAnova, but is mainly very interactive, supported by various Liberating Structures. It helps the participants to identify and refine their biggest challenges in the agile transformation in their organization and provides a structure in which they can create and improve a probe that they can start with when back in office.

Me and my co-speaker Maryse Meinen have hosted this workshop at Xebia Amsterdam with 50 participants in the #NLSCRUM Meetup, with very enthusiastic participation and reviews. See: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jessehouwing_bossanova-activity-6588117658875551744-Izdj



Father of Bram, 15 years old, partner of Maryse, like me Scrum Master/agile coach. I am working in IT for 20+ years in various roles. In agile roles since 2009.

As an experienced Scrum Master, agile coach and leader I have supported many teams and organisations to improve value delivery. To survive in the current highly competitive world agile frameworks, practices and leadership are not enough. Less hierarchy, more autonomy and a higher involvement from the people on the floor in strategy and decision making are crucial.

That´s why I am focussing on ways to address these aspects in my work as a coach or leader. And that is the BOSSAnova talk of Maryse and me will be about.


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