Steve Smith

Continuous Delivery Consulting

Software Delivery (A) 2020
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 14.00 - 14.45

Session type: Lecture

Building Operability in for Continuous Delivery

What is operability, how does it help Continuous Delivery, and how do you build it into your services?

How can you achieve Continuous Delivery when your delivery teams are only incentivised to crank out features, and your operations team is frantically doggy paddling in a sea of inoperability?

This talk will explain what operability is, how to measure indicators such as Service Level Objective (SLO) alerts, and how to Build It, Run It and Chaos Days maximise operability incentives for delivery teams


Steve Smith is a Continuous Delivery consultant at Continuous Delivery Consulting Ltd Steve was an early adopter of Continuous Delivery in 2007, and has overseen large scale Continuous Delivery adoption programmes in private and public sector organisations.

Steve is the author of the book “Measuring Continuous Delivery”, a co-author of “A Children’s A to Z of Continuous Delivery”, and a co-author of “Build Quality In” Steve is a prominent voice in the worldwide Continuous Delivery community, and a regular conference speaker. Steve tweets from, and blogs at