Mattia Battiston


Agile Practices (K) 2020
Agile Practices (K)
Friday 15.15 - 16.00

Session type: Lecture

Agile metrics for predicting the future

Most teams need to answer questions like “When will it be done? What can I get by date X?”. However, common estimation approaches often fail to give us the predictability we want, and tend to introduce bad behaviours like hard deadlines and hiding uncertainty.

n this talk I’ll show you how, step by step and with real life examples, my team uses their historical data and metrics to forecast the future and answer these questions with confidence.


Mattia is a software developer and team leader with a great passion for learning and continuous improvement. He has been interested in everything to do with agile and helping teams improve since the beginning of his career over 10 years ago. He loves conferences and meetups for sharing experiences and learning from others.  He uses kanban, lean and agile to help teams strive to get better. He is also co-author of the book Team Guide to Metrics for Business Decisions.


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