Martin Burns

Agile Teams (K) 2019
Agile Teams (K)
Thursday 16.15 - 17.00

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Introductory

This Is The Sound of All Of Us

Software development is a creative endeavour that requires intense collaboration between skilled people to produce results far greater than that of the sum of the individuals.

Humanity has done this before – we call it ‘Music’.
What lessons can hundreds of years of humans working together to produce Music teach us, particularly when we seek to create larger works?

Using more musical examples than deserve to fit in 45 minutes, Martin Burns brings 40 years of musical experience and formal education from his first career to bear on the problems of his current day job.


Lean Thinker, Improvement Obsessive, Recovering Project Manager. Learning ways of introducing the best of Lean and Agile to historically skeptical enterprises through success, failure, dialogue and hacking people’s heads.

Passable folk singer; poor blues guitarist.
Preferred pronouns: he/him


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