Jordan Barkway

Bluefruit Software

Agile Practices (K) 2019
Agile Practices (K)
Friday 10.30 - 11.15

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Introductory

The Magic of Mentorship: Becoming Dumbledore

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I, solemnly swear that I am up and ready for mentoring!

Many of today’s students are unsure of where they want to go in tech, I want to inspire and show how mentorship is not only useful for a student but the teacher also. Follow my journey of how I became a mentor using Agile practices such as retrospectives, user stories and the importance of respecting a client’s opinions. Finding potential talent is hard but after mentoring it is easier to find the talent in younger generations.


Jordan Barkway is a young software developer who is currently completing her level 4 software development apprenticeship. From a young age, Jordan has been involved in the local tech community and has always had a spark for programming. When she attended a Mission To Mars in 2016 it changed her insight into the world of tech and this furthered her ambition to want to rocket to the top in the tech industry. Over the last 2 years, Jordan has mentored at numerous events from Mission To Mars to Work experience weeks and she has also inspired many young developers by talking in schools and events to show her experience of joining the local tech community.

Currently, at Bluefruit Software, Jordan is on a team of 4 developer and 2 software testers and dives head first into each of the roles by pairing and mobbing whilst training herself in C# and C++. After her apprenticeship, she wants to further her career at Bluefruit and hopefully start mentoring students 1-2-1 on different development tasks.


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