John Clapham


Agile Teams (B) 2019
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 16.15 - 17.00

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Resilience – How to bring your best through the worst

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Shall we be honest?  Agile isn’t all glamour, manifestos and medals.  If you’ve found a new way of doing things, its hard getting people to listen, never mind do.  As leaders, coaches and reluctant change agents we find ourselves campaigning through a sea of resistance and indifference. There are bad days, weeks, months, even years.

So how do people and teams get through it and enable change?  Why are some folk still smiling at the end of the toughest days?  Resilience, the ability to adapt to new challenges and difficult situations, is one of the key factors.

In this talk we look at resilience, what it is, when and why it’s useful, and how to develop the trait within yourself and your team.  You may not need it now, but you never know when you will…


John Clapham is an independent Agile consultant and professional coach. He helps individuals develop, teams build great products, and organisations learn to be more effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. His broad experience ranges from start-up to enterprise scale, formed in the publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defence and public sector arenas.

John has a secret passion for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. His forays into coaching, lean and Agile are fuelled by coffee, lego and Bristol’s frequent inclement weather.


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