Denise Yu


Agile Teams (B) 2019
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 14.00 - 14.45

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Introductory

Let’s build sustainable and empathetic cross-functional teams

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Product Management Twitter has been buzzing over the “Balanced Team” pattern lately. Balanced teams, or cross-functional teams, blur the lines between product manager, designer, engineer, and tester, so that everyone can contribute more organically. But how do you get there, when you’re starting with traditionally-defined roles? In this talk, Denise will cover how we nurture cross-functional teams, what philosophies and rituals support this outcome, and how to measure your success.


Denise is an engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, where she has worked on open source projects including BOSH and Cloud Foundry. She also has experience working in technical product management, where she discovered that speaking directly with customers is awesome, and believes strongly in cross-functional team structures that empower every team member regardless of discipline to do the same.

Prior to career-switching into the tech industry in 2014, she studied public policy, economics, and philosophy. She is a former competitive debater, classical-trained musician, and avid doodler: she often blends art with technical explanations at She speaks regularly at conferences in Europe and North America on topics ranging from continuous delivery to scaling organisational culture to distributed systems.


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