Michelle Almeida

Product Management (F) 2019
Product Management (F)
Friday 14.00 - 14.45

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Introductory

How to train your Agile Product Discovery teams?

When an organisation first adopts a more Agile way of working, some of the challenges faced by Product management, Product Owners and Business Analysts include how to discover the right product and how to gather the product requirements from multiple and varied stakeholders in a more iterative way.

Agile transformations at an enterprise level, may face Product discovery challenges if sufficient attention is not given to the role of the Product managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts.

This presentation will share an approach, tools and techniques used for Product discovery in a more agile environment. A towards agility approach for product management will be discussed to show how product discovery and requirements are brought closer to Agile teams with a central focus on the customer journey and user personas. Using examples taken from an Agile Coaching perspective, of small focused product teams using Scrum/Kanban or Lean / Kanban working in a regulatory environment with vendors and partners; with a few surprising discoveries from a people, process and adaptive leadership perspective will be presented.


Michelle is a passionate advocate for Agile, working with Scrum, Lean and Kanban teams to help them create great products. As a Facilitator, Trainer and Coach she helps individuals and teams achieve their goals and deliver value. Michelle has championed “Towards Agility” through delivery of workshops and interactive training sessions. She aims to inspire people to learn by doing and motivates them to change one thing when they return back to their Teams. Michelle has worked in the Digital Education, Financial Services industry and Telecommunications. Michelle has delivered workshops and training internationally including Austin, Boston, Stockholm, Sydney and Dublin. Michelle has regularly presented at Agile Tour Dublin.