Steve Parks


Agile Business (L) 2019
Agile Business (L)
Thursday 15.15 - 16.00

Session type: Lecture

Healthy Governance of Agile Delivery

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One of the key areas in which delivery teams find friction is at the interface to the rest of the organisation, often with particular frustration at the overhead of governance. Steve conducted a discovery to explore the needs of stakeholders from governance processes in government digital projects, to understand how their needs might be met in other ways that are more compatible with agile ways of working.

As a result he’s begun prototyping lightweight tools with the Cabinet Office to enable governance to be something that happens naturally, close to delivery, rather than in meetings and reports.

In this presentation he’ll share the research, and some of the tools – including an update on the risk management approach he presented at Agile On The Beach last year.


Steve has led digital projects since 2004 for organisations ranging from MTV to the Cabinet Office. He now leads the team at Convivio, a digital services agency that helps government work better for people.


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