Erin Johnson

Coventry Building Society

Agile Business (L) 2019
Agile Business (L)
Thursday 15.15 - 16.00

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Introductory

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Agile: a 101 for TechBros (and everyone else)

Sexism and racism and all that aren’t really a problem anymore, are they? Why do people talk about them so much? How much self-flagellation must straight, white men do??Inclusion and diversity are complicated issues that makes good people feel defensive… and really simple issues that people are somehow still mucking up. After all, it’s a “people” thing and those will always be messy.
But Agile needs inclusive spaces; Let me show you why – and how to do it. No flagellation needed.


New to software development and the tech world in general, my background is psychology, philosophy and mathematics. Erin studied dual-honours psychology and philosophy at university and worked as a maths teacher for nigh on a decade. She left this career at the end of 2017 and sought out a trainee role that would allow har access to software development and data analysis.

Erin loves logic, loves solving problems and loves understanding things.

So why did it take her so long to make the move? Part of it was a fear of a toxic culture, a sense that serious work in computing wasn’t “for” her. As two of my brothers entered the field and became successful, she hung back – despite knowing how similar her skill set was to theirs (seriously, Sunday dinners were all about solving puzzles and Victorian parlour games in our house).

And what else? Not much. Right now, she is learning and generating new ideas about what to be curious about next every day.

Critical Thinking, creativity, logic, proof, problem-solving, puzzling, gaming, call it what you will… Erin believes that there’s a shared curiosity to people who bring new ideas into the world, and she wants be a part of it; and will be a part of it.

She brings her unique perspective, and the concepts that she’s familiar with that others might not be, and integrates them into meaningful, and useful ideas.

“Two things I can always promise: I have an opinion about that, and I’ll share it with you.”