Tariq Rashid

Software Delivery (A) 2019
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 13.25 - 13.55

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Introductory

Creative Coding for Kids .. (and Teachers and Parents)

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Being able to code is an important life skill. Inspiring children to learn to code means making it fun and relevant – and that’s not easy.

In this talk Tariq will focus on creative coding as a successful way of engaging children. He’ll share lessons learned from teaching, bringing to life key ideas from maths, science, and art. He’ll demo technology that’s ideal for teaching, most of which are free, and the rest low cost. He’ll do live coding to show how easy it is – bring a laptop if you can!


Ever since he was a kid, Tariq has loved the beauty and excitement of science, maths and computing.

He devoured everything he could get his hands on in the public libraries near his home, especially books on fractals and programming the BBC micro … this was a long time before the world wide web!

Despite all the fun and adventures over the 30 years since then, he still thinks too many amazing ideas are badly explained. His personal mission is to do the hard work to make beautiful exciting ideas simple and accessible enough for anyone to understand and appreciate.

He was active in London’s tech scene, and led the London Python meetup group, doubling its membership to 4000. He moved to Cornwall earlier in 2018 and is developing a data science community, and runs a monthly kids code club. He continues to run a successful algorithmic art group across London and Cornwall.

Whenever he can, he loves organising community events, teaching and mentoring. He loves open source, and was lucky enough to lead on open source reform for the UK Government. His current focus is creative coding for kids and artists who’ve never coded before, and his next book on text mining.

It’s sometimes hard to tell, but he has a masters degree in machine learning and data mining, and started using Python in the last century.


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