Rachel Davies

Keynote (A - streamed to B&C) 2019
Keynote (A - streamed to B&C)
Friday 16.05 - 16.50

Sustaining Remote – First Teams

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Curious about how to build and sustain a ‘remote-first’ culture? At Tes we have more engineers working from home or travelling than sitting at a desk in our London office. Over the last few years we adapted our engineering practices to support small teams working in close collaboration over distance. This talk will cover how we organise cross-team initiatives to sustain this way of working.


Rachel Davies is a world-renowned expert in Agile approaches to software development, especially Extreme Programming (XP) and a co-author of the first book on Agile Coaching . In 30 years, she’s seen programming languages and design methodologies come and go. Her current role is as a senior software engineer developing JavaScript micro-services at Tes Global, a digital education company.


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