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2019: On Tour - Birmingham Tech Week
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Learning from industry: Product Management practices for the win

The practice of product management has evolved massively in the last 10-15 years. During that time, companies have learned how to use a lean roadmap to communicate strategy, and have learned how to adapt their plans to produce the best possible outcomes for their stakeholders.

While product management practices are classically applied to development of software products, this presentation will outline how a roadmap can be used to communicate any business priorities and ensure everyone understands how to contribute to company success.

Up until recently, no one really knew what roadmaps were supposed to look like and in some cases, roadmaps were deemed to be unusable or unhelpful. Today, roadmapping is a contentious subject but at least one thing is self-evident: no one reads a roadmap they can’t understand.

We’re also discovering how powerful it is when a roadmap is so clearly designed that companies put it at the center of their business decisions.

We’re seeing how a roadmap can bridge your work with everyone else’s and put you back in control of your plans. But how do you create that roadmap?

In this presentation, we’ll see how to use a lean roadmap to clearly communicate high-level priorities

– What is a lean roadmap, and why should we use one?
– How can we link our roadmap back to company OKRs?
– What kinds of activities can be communicated on a roadmap? Is it just for software development (hint: the answer is no!)
– How can we use a roadmap to learn and adapt?
– Why should we concentrate on outcome over output?

After attending this presentation, you will be better equipped to communicate your company, department or team’s plans to the rest of the business, and have an increase chance of succeeding in your efforts to provide value. These concepts are applicable to all, whether you are developing a product, rolling out a new solution, planning sales & marketing efforts or building a regulatory submission.


Liz Love is Chief Customer Officer at ProdPad. With 16 years experience in software development, including 10 years experience in product management, Liz knows the day-to-day struggles of product managers all too well. She’s passionate about helping others to be successful in product management, whether that’s process improvement, mentoring or helping with best practices.


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