Sally Goble


2019: On Tour - Birmingham Tech Week
Closing Keynote

It’s about swimming, but not about swimming

To the outside world, attempting to swim the English Channel might seem like either utter madness, or the sort of niche sporting activity reserved only for burly athletic men covered in goose fat. In 2005, and again in 2006, Sally attempted the swim herself. 

Doing something ridiculously hard teaches you a lot about life. Once the jellyfish stings have faded, and the taste of salt water has disappeared from your mouth, you are left with lessons learned the hard way.

Sally will talk about what swimming 21 miles in cold water taught her: how to recognise what you are good at; about resilience; about team work; about not taking no for an answer; and about dealing with failure and success.



Sally is a Senior Engineering Manager at Deliveroo, where she is currently responsible for creating a technical onboarding programme that will allow Deliveroo to double the size of their engineering team, seamlessly, in a year. Sally finds working at a high growth, high octane startup a great challenge and very exciting, especially because before that she worked in a 100+ year old company… Before Deliveroo she spent several years as the Head of Quality at the Guardian. There she worked in the digital development team, witnessing many changes in the way online news is delivered to readers.


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