Jim Gumbley


2019: On Tour - Birmingham Tech Week
Teams and Practices

Helping teams build securely, by removing bottlenecks

It makes great sense to ask teams to build security into everything they do, but it does not always happen! When you look at the problem more closely there are some common constraints which hold teams back from developing securely. For example, do they have the right risk information and incentives to make good priority choices? The right capabilities, tools and practises? Is there a vision for how team will protect, detect and respond to threats? This session should help you spot where the bottlenecks might be so that you can support the team to make the next incremental step to making things more secure.


Jim is an OWASP chapter leader for Birmingham and a software consultant at ThoughtWorks focussing on risk and cyber-security. He works with software development and security teams in regulated industries such as Government, Healthcare and Finance to help them “shift left” and build security into applications, services and infrastructure.


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