Chris Pitts

Thirsty Bear Software

2019: On Tour - Birmingham Tech Week
Software and Technology

Developing a Database Iteratively – A Developers’ Guide

Relational databases are scary. Or so you would think when watching developers hack away at the internal SQL while carefully crafting their source code. But databases are really just misunderstood creatures that can be modified on-the-fly. It is perfectly possible to deliberately iterate database design, step by step, alongside code, resulting in a well tempered, testable overall application design.

In this talk, Chris will go through some basic rules of database design, and how to incrementally change the database one feature at a time using Flyway, one of the popular database script management tools (other flavours are available!).


Chris is an independent Agile Coach, Mentor and Developer, and Boss Bear of Thirsty Bear Software.

After a brief foray as an electronics engineer, Chris was seduced by the Dark Side and now has over 15 years of experience in the software industry. In that time he has witnessed the good, the conventional and the downright stupid. This diversity of experience gives him a unique perspective of the industry rooted in sound professional engineering principles, not to mention a severe allergy to corporate stupidity. This allows him to be equally at home cutting code, advising management or coaching teams. Most recently, Chris
has regularly run Scrum Developer courses for various people and has worked with many clients in areas including telecoms, entertainment and manufacturing.

When not coaching or coding, his natural habitats are underwater, on two wheels, or unit testing English real ales. His taste in shirts is also questionable.


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