Stefan Wolpers

Berlin Product People GmbH

Product Management (F) 2018
Product Management (F)
Thursday 14:00 - 14:45

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

When Trying to Figure Out What Is Worth Building Backfires

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Who would reject the idea that identifying what is valuable, usable, and feasible is a useless product strategy?

Particularly, when resources are scarce, and the competition is breathing down your neck?

So, given that we all agree on the goal, how come then that product discovery is so often plagued by issues that defy common sense?

Let’s dive into various anti-patterns, from ‘we know what to build’ via loving the solution to, ‘engineers are too expensive to talk to call center agents, the BAs can handle that.’



Agile coach, scrum master in Berlin. XSCALE Alliance steward and Business Agility Coach. Stefan also curates the weekly ”Food for Agile Thought” newsletter on best posts on agile and lean methodologies and product management—with 13,000-plus subscribers the largest of its kind. (See also @AgeOfProduct.)


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