Claire Ashcroft

Independent Agile Coach

Agile Teams (B) 2018
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 10:30 - 11:15

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Suitable for all

The Power of Questions – Workshop

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Questions can be like keys that open doors, to unlock the potential of teams and individuals on an Agile journey! This interactive session has been designed using principles that are based on how the brain learns best. During the session you will have the opportunity to experience why questions can be so powerful and to participate in a non-content group coaching session, designed to demonstrate how powerful they can be.

Questions can be powerful agents of change. They can help teams and individuals create the mindset shifts needed to support them on their Agile journey. They can unlock our thinking, divert our attention, challenge our assumptions, and help us gain new perspective, explore possibilities, refocus.

During the session, I explain how the brain takes in and processes information, introducing the NLP Communication Model. We’ll conduct an exercise to overload the brain with information and show that we can only take in between 5 and 9 pieces of information at any one time. This is why questions can be like keys that open doors… After sharing some questions that have been pivotal in my life, I run a non-content group coaching session for the participants to experience the Power of Questions for themselves. “Questions can be like keys that open doors” (Julie Starr, Coaching Manual)



Claire has 9 years of experience coaching and training in the Financial Services industry. In her role as Agile Coach, she is passionate about designing and delivering engaging experiences to empower individuals and teams. Claire is also an NLP practitioner and has been trained by Sharon Bowman in Training From The Back Of The Room techniques.