Jeremy Renwick


Agile Business (L) 2018
Agile Business (L)
Friday 10:30 - 11:15

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Structure Drives Behaviour – Implementing the Minimum Viable Organisation

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All Digital and Agile transformations run into problems when the new ways of working challenge existing organisation structures, they are incompatible with each other. Enlightened senior managers are asking how their organisation should evolve to harness Agile creativity and productivity. In this session Jeremy will outline a generic organisation structure to replace the traditional hierarchy and the insights and lessons from implementing it in Agilesphere.

The evidence that “structure drives behaviour” is all around us; hierarchical organisations focused on delighting senior executives rather than customers, citizens or employees. The imperative to move to an Agile organisational structure is now acute. Existing organisations are being challenged by new entrants; these new entrants are struggling to scale while keeping their uniqueness. The stresses and strains caused by these struggles have a very human cost in health and well-being. Unless organisational structures are changed any Agile transformation or cultural change will not last; the old ways re-assert themselves.

What’s needed is a Agile organisational structure to replace the traditional hierarchy. One that genuinely enables and empowers people. In this session, Jeremy will outline the “Minimum Viable Organisation” needed to create an environment for people to thrive. He will share practical insights and lessons from implementing it in Agilesphere.



Jeremy has been part of and led teams that deliver technology-enabled business change for over 30 years; from the world’s first electronic banking system to the digital transformation of criminal justice in England and Wales.

He founded Agilesphere in 2013 with the vision to build a long-lived truly Agile consultancy that helps organisations with their Agile/Digital transformation and provides a platform for Agile people to realise their value.


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