Jordan Barkway, Tony Edwards, Belinda Waldock and Software Cornwall

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Software Delivery (A) 2018
Software Delivery (A)
Friday 13:25 - 13:55

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Meet Cornwall’s Tech Community

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Come and hear about Cornwall’s tech community, meet the team and volunteers working with Software Cornwall.  Find out more about education, business, events and more.

Hear the latest on our work in education from Tony Edwards, and update on the growth of the community by Belinda, and what its like to be an apprentice in Cornwall’s tech sector with Jordan Barkway, plus we will have a quick Q&A session too with the team.

Jordan Barkway - biography

Jordan Barkway is a young software developer who is currently completing her level 4 software development apprenticeship. From a young age, Jordan has been involved in the local tech community and has always had a spark for programming. When she attended a Mission To Mars in 2016 it changed her insight into the world of tech and this furthered her ambition to want to rocket to the top in the tech industry. Over the last 2 years, Jordan has mentored at numerous events from Mission To Mars to Work experience weeks and she has also inspired many young developers by talking in schools and events to show her experience of joining the local tech community.

Currently, at Bluefruit Software, Jordan is on a team of 4 developer and 2 software testers and dives head first into each of the roles by pairing and mobbing whilst training herself in C# and C++. After her apprenticeship, she wants to further her career at Bluefruit and hopefully start mentoring students 1-2-1 on different development tasks.

Tony Edwards - biography

Tony Edwards works for Software Cornwall, as part of their multi award winning education outreach programme. Tony’s focus is on enabling young adults to follow their digital dreams through taster sessions, workshops and industry engagement. Outside of this role, Tony is involved with grassroots communities and conferences spanning the entire South West.

Belinda Waldock - biography

Belinda Waldock is a Business Coach, Consultant and author of Being Agile in Business

Belinda works with businesses, leaders and teams to grow and develop through agile working. Her book Being Agile in Business has been internationally published , shortlisted as the CMI management book of the year and translated into Chinese.  Belinda focuses on taking agile beyond tech, across sectors and throughout organisations, and the transition from doing agile to ‘being agile’.

Belinda works with private and public sector teams and businesses supporting growth and improvement specialising in whole business agility from a teams and business perspective. Her ‘Being Agile’ approach has been adopted by a broad range of high growth businesses across many business sectors from tech to fashion, and manufacturing to marketing.

Belinda is part of the organising committee for the award winning conference  She is a regular speaker at events sharing her experiences of adopting agile within and beyond the tech sector. Belinda is founder and director of , in the top 3 of the UK’s fastest growing digitaltech clusters (TechNation2016), which represents a community of businesses, education and support organisations dedicated to connecting, promoting and supporting the growing tech community in Cornwall.


Software Cornwall - biography

Software Cornwall is a not for profit community network and the hub of Cornwall’s fast growing tech cluster.

The Software Cornwall team along with members and volunteers, work collaboratively to connect, promote, support and grow the tech community. They do this through a range of activities, from running learn to code Missions to Mars with Cornwall’s future software engineers to helping local tech businesses grow their businesses.  We run community events, skills & training, plus a Jobs Board and CV Bank on our website for those looking to work in Cornwall’s Tech Sector.

Come along to this session, meet us on our stand or visit to find out more about Cornwall’s great tech community.


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