Steve Parks


Product Management (F) 2018
Product Management (F)
Friday 11:30 - 12:15

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Intermediate

Risks and problems: a healthy approach

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Most organisations have a problematic approach to potential risks and emerging problems which can cause them to be hidden until they explode. In this session we’ll explore healthier approaches to managing risks and problems in the open.

What is your organisation’s risk management approach? – Tell people to avoid any kind of risk or there’ll be trouble – Ignore risks and hope they go away – Produce a big table of risks that looks important, but doesn’t contain anything that might scare management, then ignore it for the rest of the project – Actively seek out risks, study them, mitigate them, track them regularly, plan for them and communicate about them all the time If you can’t say it’s 100% the last option then you need to come to this session to understand how to embed a healthier approach to risk management in your organisation. At the same time, it’s important that there is a healthy culture and process for your teams to raise and discuss problems they observe in the project. How can you nurture this approach and put in place a process to evaluate problems and develop solutions to create a momentum towards successful delivery?

Steve Parks was part of a project to improve risk management and communications in the government’s tier-one supply chain as part of pandemic preparedness. He’s twice chaired the executive summit of the Business Continuity Institute. He’s now Delivery Lead at digital agency Convivio, working on government digital services, where risk management is key to successful outcomes. He writes business books for Pearson. This will be a lively, energetic talk with a sprinkling of humour and plenty of practical actions and tools to take away.


Steve has led digital projects since 2004 for organisations ranging from MTV to the Cabinet Office. He now leads the team at Convivio, a digital services agency that helps government work better for people.


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