Steve Smith

Continuous Delivery Consulting

Software Delivery (A) 2018
Software Delivery (A)
Friday 14:00 - 14:45

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Intermediate

Resilience as a Continuous Delivery Enabler

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The traditional IT reliability strategy is robustness – optimise for MTBF by maintaining a failure-free production environment. This assumes failures are preventable, and depends on risk management theatre such as End-To-End Testing. It leaves organisations trapped in Discontinuous Delivery, and in such circumstances a Continuous Delivery programme focussed on throughput is unlikely to succeed.

A more effective reliability strategy in most scenarios is resilience – optimise for MTTR by rapidly responding to production failures. This assumes failures are inevitable, and depends on the adaptive capacity of teams and services being increased with operability practices. Resilience is also a great enabler of Continuous Delivery. A Continuous Delivery programme focussed on resilience will increase stakeholder confidence, and lay the groundwork for challenging robustness risk management theatre to increase throughput.

In this talk, Steve Smith will explain why Discontinuous Delivery is part of the tradition of optimising for MTBF, and how optimising for MTTR can power Continuous Delivery adoption. This is an overview of a new approach to Continuous Delivery, backed by examples from private and public sector organisations. The key learnings for attendees are: – Optimising for MTBF is an antiquated, flawed approach to IT reliability that results in long-term Discontinuous Delivery – If an organisation has optimised for MTBF a Continuous Delivery programme focussed on throughput is likely to fail – Optimising for MTTR is a superior reliability strategy that advocates graceful extensibility to limit the impact of failures – Resilience As A Continuous Delivery Enabler is a heuristic that advocates resilience as the focus of a Continuous Delivery programme – Improving the resilience of services by an order of magnitude makes it easier to offer practical alternatives to robustness risk management theatre.


Steve Smith is a Continuous Delivery consultant at Continuous Delivery Consulting Ltd Steve was an early adopter of Continuous Delivery in 2007, and has overseen large scale Continuous Delivery adoption programmes in private and public sector organisations.

Steve is the author of the book “Measuring Continuous Delivery”, a co-author of “A Children’s A to Z of Continuous Delivery”, and a co-author of “Build Quality In” Steve is a prominent voice in the worldwide Continuous Delivery community, and a regular conference speaker. Steve tweets from, and blogs at