Matthew Fitzgerald


Software Delivery 2018
Software Delivery
Thursday 13:25 - 13:50

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Product Engineering to Product Management

We are delighted to welcome NAGRA Media UK as hosts of Agile on the Beach 2018 and Matthew who will be delivering his session Product Engineering to Product Management

Interested in making the move from engineering to product management? Do you want to be a strong influence on the success of your company and really progress your career in the technology sector? Then this session is for you.

A few years back, I didn’t know the job title “Product Manager” existed. I was a young bright-eyed Software Engineer, and I enjoyed coding. However, even more than the implementation of the logic for code, I really enjoyed interacting with stakeholders to collect requirements for the applications I built, and laying out the user-centred design specifications.

I thrived when dealing with ambiguity and defining the user experience for the products I developed and loved nothing more than to go out and talk to the customers about what they want & need.

Fast forward a few years — I am a Product Manager at NAGRA Media UK today.

Over the past few months I’ve been asked by a number of engineers “How did you get into product management” & “How can I become a Product Manager?”

The session will cover a number of topics:

  • Personal Investment: Why investing in your future is critical for success.
  • Becoming a point of contact in your teams for product knowledge: if you’re the first-person people approach to discuss the product your defiantly on the right track, if not how can you change that.
  • Soft skills: the way you communicate with stakeholders can be very different to inter team communication, and it can be challenging. We will also cover how to influence individuals and teams.
  • Is there a recipe for success?


I am an enthusiastic product manager with 10 years proven knowledge in the data security and Data systems industry, a solid background working on government & private sector projects in an advisory and developmental role.

I have been described as a resourceful highly self-motivated individual with the ability to prioritize, plan and organize projects on time and to budget. A determined decision-maker, who instils confidence in senior management and team members alike through my passion and enthusiasm. I am an individual who thrives on new challenges either working unsupervised or as highly valued member of a team, showing initiative and resourcefulness and consistently achieves high standards.

I am an individual who continuously invests in my future, being a graduate of Oxford University with distinction and a student of Andrew NG (World leading artificial intelligence engineer) being some of my proudest academic achievements.


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