Software Delivery (A) 2018
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 17:15 - 18:00

Session type: Lightning Talks
Session level: Suitable for all

Open Lightning Talks 17:15-18:00

Session video

Talks thanks to :

Ruth Scholefield – Back to Basics
Belinda Waldock, Being Agile – I have never..
Jordan Barkway, Bluefruit – Agile Apprentice
Richard Keast, Bluefruit – Feature : An Epic Story
‘Minty’ Michael Mintowt-Czyz – Trust
Steve Parks – The UX of ‘the gents’
Sam Armondi – Everest Media – How we are breaking the agile business
Stani Potupchik – A Control Freak at the Conference

See youtube for individual talk videos

Slides : Agile Game : “I have never” – Belinda Waldock