Woody Zuill

Independent Agile Guide

Keynote 2018
Friday 09:05 - 09:55

Session type: Keynote
Session level: Suitable for all

Keynote 2018 – Woody Zuill

We are delighted to welcome Woody Zuill to keynote at Agile on the Beach 2018


Woody Zuill, an independent Senior Agile Consultant, Trainer, and Guide and has been programming computers for 35+ years. As a pioneer of the Mob Programming approach of teamwork for software development he has been sharing presentations and workshops on Mob Programming for conferences, user groups, and companies all over the world.

He is considered one of the founders of the “#NoEstimates” discussion on Twitter. Woody believes that code must be simple, clean, and maintainable so that we can realize the Agile Value of Responding to Change, and that we must constantly “Reflect, tune, and adjust” so we can continuously grow our skills and improve our capabilities.



  • "The moment we begin to speak together, we have the potential to create new ways of being." ~Kenneth Gergen

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