James Lyndsay

Software Delivery (A) 2018
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 16:15 - 17:00

Session type: Workshop (with computers)
Session level: Intermediate

Basic Pathologies of Simple Systems – workshop

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In this hands-on track, you’ll explore very simple systems to discover surprising emergent behaviours. You’ll find dynamic systems that (under some conditions) resonate, explode, jitter or simply die. We’ll look at the ways that systems produce such behaviours, how to trigger them, how to observe them, and how you might be able to regulate them in the complex systems we build. You’ll find this track useful if your system is more than the sum of its parts.

Bring a device with a browser, and have fun with systems analysis.

Suitable for: anyone who works with systems, and particularly suits those who build or adjust systems.

Key outcomes * direct experience of complex behaviour emerging from simple parts * insight into damping and amplification of behaviours * recognition that these simple systems are displaying their nature, not a pathology



James Lyndsay

James helps organisations to find surprises, to adapt their approaches, and to keep their testers interested. He started testing in 1986, and works as an independent consultant. A regular keynote speaker and teacher at international events, and an active participant in a variety of testing communities, James has written award-winning papers, built the Black Box puzzles, kicked off the TestLab, and run the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing. He received the 2015 European Tester Excellence award.


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