Lynne Johnson and Susan Engel

Zuhlke Engineering

Agile Practices (K) 2018
Agile Practices (K)
Friday 10:30 - 11:15

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Project Discovery and Liftoff with Agile Chartering

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Building digital products is a complex process and requires effective requirements engineering and teamwork.

An effective Discovery Phase helps build a shared understanding of the problem space, user and business requirements and the desired outcomes, as well as all constraints, dependencies, project context, the product vision, MVP and roadmap.

In order to effectively carry out a successful Discovery and product visioning, we need cross-functional teams to come together and collaborate in a fast-paced and iterative way. One of the methods that enables great collaboration is the project Liftoff with Agile Chartering.

Agile Chartering is the opportunity for the project community to gather together and draft the project charter. Too many teams are using retrospectives for repairing misunderstandings. Effective Team chartering can avert misunderstandings and provides everyone with a common understanding and shared ownership of a project from the outset.

During the session we will share our experience of Agile Discovery. We will inspire attendees with the different activities and our favourite tools for a successful Discovery phase also how to lift off a project with what we think is our secret weapon, Agile Chartering. Agile Discovery and Agile Chartering help achieve successful outcomes. Attendees will leave with an effective way of understanding the problem space in order to build the right thing.

Lynne Johnson - biography

Head Consultancy and Web Technologies Competence Unit and Agile Coach at Zuhlke Engineering UK. Born in Seattle Washington USA, 80’s model in Europe, fashion label owner, hotelier, Software Engineering, education in the 90’s London, Agile evangelist and EcoWarrior.


Susan Engel - biography

Senior UX and Innovation Consultant at Zuhlke Engineering. Specialising in discovery and product strategy. Born in Poland, graduated in Biotechnology, experienced product
designer and UX consultant, passionate about delivering great products and innovation.

Senior UX and Innovation Consultant




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