Jenny Bailey and Ady Dike

Agile Business Consortium

Agile Business (L) 2018
Agile Business (L)
Thursday 13:25 - 13:55

Session type: Lecture
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The Business Case for Business Agility

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Organisations today can only fulfil their vision and mission by anticipating and constantly adjusting in the face of volatile conditions.

There is more to Business Agility than another enterprise-wide set of processes. To be truly Agile, an organisation needs to operate in a very different way, with leadership, values and norms all reinforcing a different, inclusive culture and mindset.

Ady and Jenny will present the Consortium’s most recent White Paper that offers an independent viewpoint on three aspects of business agility, Strategic agility, Employee engagement and Innovation. This paper presents the case for Business Agility by using real-life results and evidence based research.

Jenny Bailey - biography

Spokesperson for the Consortium

Jenny is a marketing and events professional who is a key member of the transition team within the Agile Business Consortium, helping the legacy organisation move from its original DSDM focus to true Business Agility. Jenny spends her time working alongside some of the leading minds in Agile both inside and outside of the Consortium in order to promote the global understanding of Business Agility. She also runs the highly successful Agile Business Conference, the longest running Agile Conference in the world and host’s the Consortium’s popular webinar programme.

Ady Dike - biography

Digital Consultant at the Agile Business Consortium

Ady is a delivery focused E-Commerce and Business Intelligence Lead with a demonstrated history of managing complex projects, programs and portfolios across sectors within an iterative environment on time and within budget. She is skilled in negotiation, Agile business and project planning, analytical skills, team building, and has experience in managing complex teams and leading organisational change. She currently leads the digital transitional programme at the Consortium.


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Speaker Profile

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