Cathrine Armour

Aerospace Cornwall

Agile Teams (B) 2018
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 13:25 - 13:55

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Innovation is a behaviour not a process

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Too often innovation is perceived as a process to be introduced in order to ensure that a company remains at the forefront of its industry in terms of emerging technology, solutions and products. What though of innovation as an ongoing, pervasive behaviour?

A behaviour that we, humans, naturally adopt in order to dynamically evolve, adapt and respond organically to our changing environment and its conditions.


Cathrine advises government, business and academia on strategic and policy-centric programme development leveraging science and technology and cross-cutting innovation and research. Founding her career in geospatial data and technology she is an advocate for open data. She is committed to the value data and information provide to answering critical questions in global policy development and decision-making. In 2016 her work facilitating international collaboration and cooperation in environmental data for sustainable development including the Eye on Earth Declaration, Secretariat Agreement and Special Initiatives, was recognised as a finalist for the WISE International Award for Open Source, sponsored by Bloomberg.

Beyond data her expertise lies in the design, development and delivery of transformative ‘critical challenge’ programmes that resolve essential social and environmental issues while effecting economic growth. In 2015 she architected Geovation, the Ordnance Survey innovation hub and accelerator, to stimulate, enable and grow the UK’s geographic information economy. Most recently her work has focused the transition of academic research and development to commercial opportunity through innovation. As expert analyst for Resilience, Environment and Sustainability on the South West, Science and Innovation Audit she presented the case for innovation in data-centric science as critical for regional economic growth.
Cathrine holds a BSc Environmental Studies (GIS & Spatial Analysis) and PGCE Business & Technology. She is currently exploring research on achieving sustainable economic growth and community resilience through regionalised innovation and incubation eco-systems, new economic models and people-centric growth. This includes Living Labs as a means of improving community resilience, productivity and wellness.

She also lectures at the University of Exeter, Business School, Cornwall Campus.


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