Ilan Kirschenbaum

Practical Agile

Agile Teams (B) 2017
Agile Teams (B)
Thursday 15:15 - 15:59

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Seven dangerous things you should let your teams do

Back in 2007 Gever Tulley wrote a book (and TED Talk) on 50 dangerous things you should let your kids do. Stuff like drive a car, or operate machines, etc. A “Do Try This At Home” kind of thing. That got me thinking on: What should leaders let their teams do? In this talk we’ll review some possible examples, and discuss what are the conditions that should exist in order to make this safe-to-fail. We’ll then walk-through designing an experiment for one dangerous thing you can safely take away and try in your own team – if you dare!

Seven dangerous things you should let your teams do    Ilan Kirschenbaum


Ilan fell in love with programming at age 13, which naturally became his day job. Until one day he realised programming was not fun at a large, process-hungry, organisation. He then fell in love again with “programming” teams and organisations, the Agile way.

Ilan is a co-founder and agile coach at Practical Agile, an Agile consulting firm, and co-founder at Practical Software, a boutique software house. Ilan is a LeSS practitioner, a graduate of the Program of Organizational Development and Consulting in the Psychoanalytical-Systemic approach and a member of Ofek, Organization-Person-Group – the Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes.

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  • Am I the only one noticing how gmail is gradually growing to resemble Google Wave?

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